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What are dentures:  
A prosthetic device that either sits on the gum tissue, clips onto adjacent teeth or clips onto dental implants. They are removed at home.

Why a Denture:
A cost effective way of replacing all or multiple missing teeth to restore the ability to chew and smile.

How we do Dentures:
We provide the three options below when teeth have been already lost. On the day all or some of the teeth are extracted, we provide temporary same day dentures. After complete healing a new denture is necessary.

Partial dentures

When some teeth are lost the partial denture retains its self in place by built-in metal clasps and replaces the missing teeth.

Full dentures

When all teeth are lost the full upper and full lower dentures rest on the gums and underlying bone. The more bone the patient has the better the retention of the dentures.

Implant Supported Dentures

2 to 4 implants are placed in each arch that help keep the dentures in place and gives superior retention.

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