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Many people hear these two words and begin to panic.

What is a root canal?
It’s the process of devitalizing the tooth by removing the dental pulp affected by inflammation/infection, causing the patient pain.

Why a root canal?
The procedure is necessary to alleviate the pain, cure the infection, and preserve the tooth for chewing of food for years to come.

How we do a root canal:
Our root canals are quick and painless. Dr. Elbialy ensures you are adequately anesthetized and comfortable. He uses an electronic apex locator and NiTi instruments for speed, pinpoint precision and accuracy.

After a root canal:
Many patients report minimal to no discomfort/pain. Sometimes for a few days after treatment the tooth is sore/tender to touch. The tooth might feel different from the rest of the teeth for a while.

Below are some x-rays of root canals completed by Dr. Elbialy


Severe Curvature

Extra Canals

Accessory Canals

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